President’s Message – August 2019

We need your help. The Chamber of Commerce has been trying to erect new “Welcome to El Sobrante” signs for a couple of years now. The project started out as an Eagle Scout project that the young man had to give up on because it took so long to wade through the process of property owners and county approvals, and the Scouts have a rule that Scout Masters aren’t eligible for Eagle Scout badges!  OK, it didn’t take quite that long… I think… fact is he had to move on and we still don’t have signs. We have a design, we have a budget, we even have almost all the money and volunteers to build!

What do we need? You. We need one of you to step up and see this project through to the end zone. And we need the rest of you to support the project in any way you can. Got time to volunteer? Do it! There are plenty of tasks, small and big, that need doing to get this done.

Are you good with bureaucrats? We need an advocate to get the permits from the property owners, the easement from the county, and the building permits too. Construction your bag? Let us know. Once we get a green light, we’ll have form building, concrete pouring, masonry work, and other projects needing skilled hands.

Maybe your volunteer skills are best exemplified by the checks you write. If you would like to contribute to help defer costs of materials, permits, etc., your donation will be gratefully accepted.

What’s the timeline? NOW! While it is impossible to have it built by the Stroll, is it possible to get it done by the new year? Dedication ceremony and New Year’s Eve Party all in one? I don’t know, but we can move this forward if we start now. Send your information, ideas, or donations to the Chamber office, or email me direct at I will read and respond to every email I receive about this.

Together, we can have new signs in the new year.