Central Foods

Central Foods has been a part of El Sobrante for years and years. Located on the corner of Santa Rita Road and Appian Way, it has been the only grocery store within the boundaries of El Sobrante for years. And now, as new owners, Naif Nudish and his partners want Central Foods to be the primary shopping experience for the entire community.

Naif Nudish has been in the grocery store business for over 20 years. Originally from Yemen, Naif moved to the area in 1997. He likes El Sobrante and hopes to develop better communication with area residents.

Naif showcases his meat department. There, you can order any kind of meat and have it cut to your specifications. But Naif thinks people don’t understand the possibilities available. He has spoken with customers who say the meat department doesn’t have what they’re looking for. Naif points out, you simply ask the butcher for the meat and cut you want.

The same holds true for the produce. Naif purchases fresh produce and has deliveries daily. Many things he stocks right now are things the previous owner carried. There’s no reason why people can’t shop here for all their groceries rather than going out of town to shop.

If you haven’t seen Central Foods lately, you should drop by for a visit. Then you can tell Naif what you would like to see in Central Foods. That way he will be able to order to satisfy the needs of the El Sobrante valley.

Central Foods is our Business of the Month for August 2019.

Congratulations, Naif!