President’s Message, March 2019

MARCH MADNESS – Who’s your team? Time once again for spring and all the promises that entails.  NCAA basketball Championship tournament games will get underway soon, PGA tours have started, high school and college sports begin the final push for the semester; the national sporting events truly embody the spirit , excitement and at times fervor of March Madness.

March Madness also occurs in business.  Retailers capitalize on the frenzy with March Madness sales; the real estate industry refers to the time period as well, as it is the busiest season of the home-buying-and-selling year.  Some offices allow pools to bet on sporting events in an effort to create a team atmosphere or at least a break from the routine.  Even the business of politics gets in on the energy as candidates for office start throwing their figurative hats in the ring for the pending election cycle.  Everywhere you look, people are cheering on their “team”, wearing the colors, attending the events, gathering together for a cause.

Our community is made up of several teams, all working collectively to make our patch on this Earth a little better.  The Green Team, one of El Sobrante’s “un-sung heroes” is one such team.  These volunteers go out and eagerly pick up the trash that finds its way onto our streets and parks.  Usually un-noticed, this team deserves championship recognition for the hours they put in every month just to make our town a little better.  We don’t have trophies or medals to give out to the team, so next time you see them as you are driving down San Pablo Dam Rd. or one of our other streets honk your horn as a way of saying “Thanks – we appreciate it”.

Speaking of San Pablo Dam Rd., the merchants conducting business in that area are another team, of sorts.  Small business owners make up a large section of property owners in the community.  The collective of retailers, restaurants, service-providers, and business professionals assemble together and actually create our downtown. Their team is the Chamber of Commerce, and each member has a vital role on the team.  Whether you participate at the member level, volunteer to assist with one or more of our many community events, serve on the Board of Directors, or simply patronize the local businesses, you’re part of Team El Sobrante.  Together, we are the Champions of the community.  Go Team.