President’s Message – January 2020


It has been extremely gratifying to serve as President of the Board of Directors for the Chamber for the last three years.  I am humbled by the level of commitment and dedication exemplified by the members of the Board, who voluntarily gave up many nights, weekends and more to serve this community, month after month, year after year at board meetings, other civic board meetings, community social events, community pride events, and neighborhood clean –up and security watch events.

While it is almost too easy to look back at the past year, or years, and recite accomplishments and short-comings I’ve had, I would much rather look forward to the future, hoping my foresight is as clear or better than my hindsight.  I will save my “year in review” remarks for the upcoming Installation Dinner, January 25, 2020.

The new Board of Directors will be sworn in at the annual Installation dinner on January 25th.  Look for the invitation, open to all, in this newsletter and on our website. I am very excited to serve under president-elect Lauren Hanley this coming year. The 2020 Board of Directors will be a great mix of experienced, and dedicated leaders ready to take on the challenges of the new year.  I will step back into a role of Director, and support the vision of the President and the Community to continue to make a better place for us all.

Thank you for your support and for the opportunity to be of service.

May 2020 be a healthy, prosperous year for everyone.