Canyon Swim School

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Canyon Swim School

Canyon Swim School is uniquely known for its incredible, proven teaching techniques and comfortable learning environment.  With water temperatures above 90 degrees, an ideal-size teaching pool, and well-trained knowledgeable instructors, Canyon Swim School ranks as one of the top swim schools in the Bay Area.  Established in 1951, it is also one of the oldest swim schools.  We are constantly improving our grounds and equipment for the enjoyment and convenience of all.

The owners, brothers Fred and Bill Brown, have been teaching since 1956 and have over 100 combined years of teaching and coaching experience.  The focus of their swim school is to provide children and adults with the tools needed to develop basic swimming skills, learn breath control, have a comfortable and enjoyable water experience, and most importantly, acquire the knowledge and skills to be water-safe.

The staff at Canyon Swim School is trained by Fred and Bill so students are provided with consistent instruction.  We use a badge award system with 15 levels of progression for fast, efficient learning.  All classes are grouped by age and ability.

We have small student/teacher ratios (4:1 and 5:1), thus providing students with an optimal learning environment.