Community Resources

Disposal Resource List– old sofas? Illegal dumping? Moving? Remodeling? Here’s the resource list from Keep El Sobrante Clean and Beautiful. Help clean up El Sobrante every month. Details here.

Illegal Dumping reporting 1-800-NO-DUMPING and the Mobile Citizen App,

Donating items to charity: Consider selling the items and donating the proceeds to charity. You can sell items through Facebook marketplace and Craigs List. You can also offer/find items for free through Freecycle. Or there is the Salvation Army pick up 1-800-SA-TRUCK (1-800-728-7825

Contra Costa Sheriff for non-emergencies: Someone doing donuts outside your house? Disturbance at the top of Clark Rd?  925-646-2441

Where do I report inoperable or abandoned vehicles on public streets and/or private property?

Abandoned vehicles on public streets, highways and private roads should be reported to the Sheriffs Department. Abandoned vehicles on private property should be reported to Code Enforcement 925-655-2710 or Toll Free at 877-646-8314. In order for the vehicle to be removed from private property it must be determined inoperable. This means it must move under its own power and generally complete.File a Complaint Online

Noise Complaints

Contra Costa County does not have a noise ordinance. Noise complaints within the County are addressed as “noise complaints” and are handled through the peace disturbance sections of the County Police Code.

Who to call to report suspicious activity, Contra Costa County:

Tips on Crimes for sherrifs:

Filing an online police report:

Animal Control: dead deer? Escaped dog? Cattle wandering the street? 24 Hour Emergency Line: 925-646-2441. The pound, services, adopting pets etc. at Contra Costa Animal Services.

Local Concerns and Ideas: El Sobrante Municipal Advisory Council (El Sobrante MAC) – bring up local concerns and ideas. 2nd Tuesday of the month, 7pm (Zoom and in the ES library.) You can also contact our County Supervisor John Gioia or call 510-942-2220

Potholes, hazards, street lights out etc.? County Works Department services. 925-313-2000 and

Trouble with rent or paying your mortgage? Losing your housing? Call 211.  Look up rent assistance on Google. There are charities who will help you.

Schools: West Contra Costa School District. Problems? Contact your child’s teacher first. Then the principal. Then the superintendent (Dr.Chris Hurst)  and then the WCCSD school board. We are represented by Demetrio Gonzalez Hoy, Trustee Area 4 C: (510)-680-9987


Hospitals and Health Care: County hospital in Martinez. Richmond Kaiser is the nearest emergency room.

El Sobrante Library on the corner of Appian and San Pablo Dam Rd. is beautiful, well stocked, has computers to use and borrow and free internet. Homework help is on Tuesday and Thursdays 4.15-6 during WCCUSD term times. Storytime, workshops, classes and many more amazing programs for free are also available – see their ‘Events’ tab. A public meeting room is also available for free.

Volunteer for fun and community: The Spawners, Friends of the El Sobrante Library, Keep El Sobrante Clean and Beautiful, Volunteer Match and Yelp Volunteer Opportunities