Mary Hill – Citizen of the Year 2017

Mary was born and raised in Guam, the fifth child of a Catholic family of eleven children. She and her husband left Guam in 1971 for Georgia, but in 1972 moved to California where Bryan, her first son was born. She returned to Guam in 1973 where her son Kevin was born. When he was 3 weeks old the family moved to Hawaii, for special medical treatment for Kevin. They lived in Hawaii until 1981. Upon returning to the U.S. mainland, she settled in Richmond, where she bore her third son, Justin, in 1986. In addition to her sons, she has two granddaughters and four grandsons. Mary raised her family, living and working in Richmond, serving the community in sales and in the banking field since 1982. She started her career with Mechanics Bank on September 3rd, 2003, and just retired this last December. Mary also served as Secretary for our Chamber Board for years, but in 2011 had to resign her position to battle lung cancer. She is so glad to say, she will be cancer free for 7 years in March of this year. Why is Mary so deserving of this award tonight? Mary exemplifies what makes our community so special. She demonstrates a high standard of work ethics, dedication and loyalty to her employer, and genuine friendliness and excellent customer service as a teller at Mechanics Bank. Congratulations to Mary Hill, on being named Citizen of the Year 2017!