Nerd Crossing – Business of the Year 2018

Jim Hammack founded Nerd Crossing with a simple mission in mind—to provide the world with a trustworthy, customer service-oriented technology provider. Our company was founded on the principles of “giving back,” and therefore, we strongly believe in our vision to offer honest, high quality services to all home users and small businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area.

We believe that technology should be something that improves lives. Yet, as promising as the technological advances are today, the truth is that it can be quite overwhelming. For you home users, our patient, customer service-oriented approach will help you navigate through some of these challenges and learn to embrace technology as a tool. For our loyal business and non-profit customers, we strive to partner with you to proactively protect your critical systems, minimize your loss of productivity, and improve your website and search results.

El Sobrante Wheel & Brake

The Business of the Year award for 2017 goes to Lyle Miller, owner of El Sobrante Wheel and Brake, located at ​4040 San Pablo Dam Rd. This is one of El Sobrante’s oldest businesses, located in El Sobrante for almost 45 years.

El Sobrante Wheel and Brake was established in 1974 by Lyle’s dad, Lyle Miller, Sr. In 1987, Lyle took over the business with his brother, David. Then about a year ago, David retired to Bend, OR, and Lyle was left on his own…a one-man operation!

Despite the demands of the business, Lyle does enjoy life beyond his work. He
cofounded the El Sobrante Historical Society with Maurice Abraham, Donald Bastin and Steve James, and is an officer and Board Member of the non-profit Society. And, judging from Lyle’s many Facebook posts, it’s clear he enjoys lots of fun times with friends and his wife, Jackie. A favorite activity is long road trips on his new Harley. He has helped a lot with the Stroll over the years as well.

Congratulations to Lyle Miller of El Sobrante Wheel and Brake!